The creation of our tool is motivated by several core deficiencies in conventional systems. Even though there are several different tools available to improve aspects such as appointment setting and general workflow management but most of these tools effectively exist in a standalone format. These also come along with very expensive subscriptions which can be difficult for budding medical clinics to afford. There is also a complete lack of integration within the tools themselves, making it extremely difficult to integrate the data from all of the software. The result is often countless hours spent across the board trying to form an integrated solution. On the other hand, conventional systems based on manual systems are completely inadequate and fail to deal with the requirements of modern workflow management even at times despite having a full-time receptionist to manage the tasks. This is extremely inefficient and in the medical field, the importance to have streamlined management is higher than ever before.

Transformative Solutions to Exponentially Boost Productivity

The solutions included within MDSB are transformative due to their integrated nature. In all other management systems, the integrated functionalities themselves exist as standalone systems. However, we take a leap further by integrating everything a medical professional might need into a single system and creating the perfect solution to all the needs of a business. This is something that never been done before in an integrated medical environment. The result is a must-have solution for all medical clinics looks to maximize productivity and realize their true business potential.

Streamlined Appointments

Properly managing appointments is a core function of any clinic. It is really important to have organized appointments to ensure that the timeslots of the business are properly utilized. An ineffective appointment setting can lead to inconvenient scenarios and major financial losses. MDSB covers the problem by ensuring that all of your appointments will be digitally streamlined with an effective reminding mechanism to improve your general connectivity with your clients.

We also allow you to check the eligibility of the patients before they coming into the clinic to reduce financial losses. Our support extends to the point where you are able to get assistance regarding the amount you have to collect from the customer. Our representative helps you sort out the process manually. This ensures that you are able to get maximum upfront revenue without having to wait for payment from insurance companies.

To take things to another level, the system comes integrated with a state-of-the-art automated chatting system that responds to your client inquiries about appointments and gives astute responses.

Managed Review/Rating System

Continuous improvement is essential for your business to thrive. Working on client feedback is the best way to properly manage your business and improve your shortcomings. It can also be a great way to effectively let other potential customers know about the quality of your services.

MDSB provides you with a comprehensive review system to allow you to get integrated feedback from your clients and publish them across different social media platforms to appeal to new prospective clients. This is a major step up from standalone conventional rating systems.

Medical Billing

Billing is one of the core aspects of any medical clinic. It is important to effectively tabulate billings to ensure that your finances are handled properly. Due to the involvement of several different aspects including customer reminders and receipts, conventional systems rely massively on standalone systems to process billing.

MDSB helps your billing by offering you daily dashboard updates in a color-coded form. Unlike conventional methods that over monthly updates, we let you have daily insight into the billers in a concise way.

Comprehensive Dashboard for Claims

Above everything else, it is really important to have an overview of the data and progression of your business to know how everything is going. The MDSB dashboard allows you to have a complete visual outlook of the performance of your business. With several customizable views and visual representations, you will never need to worry about knowing the direction of your business. You will be able to have a clear understanding of your fundamental business areas to have an overview of the progress made and imminent areas of concern to deploy mitigating steps.


Client satisfaction is definitely our number 1 metric. Our team ensures that customers always around the clock support to help with any issues they may have. We strongly believe in respect and trust being the core principles guiding our way forward. Our customer-first approach strongly guides our way forward.