Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDSalesbook?

MDSalesbook is an integrated workflow management tool designed to simplify the functioning of medical business by providing them automated tools to support their daily workflow.

What are the best features of MDSalesbook?

MDSalesbook effectively features a culmination of features that combine to form the perfect solution for your workflow management needs. It effectively offers automated time tracking, streamlined billing, timesheet management, appointment scheduler and task management amongst other features. This ensures that all of your workflow needs are comprehensively covered when you are managing your business.

Can I get a demo to test out the features?

Yes, absolutely. You can request a demo by simply emailing or heading to our demo page to schedule a demo.

What Sets MDSalesbook apart from other systems?

MDSalesbook offers a comprehensive solution, bringing together a range of different functionalities that are often provided by other companies as standalone solutions. This allows you to effectively incorporate an affordable workflow management solution that is an active replacement for conventional systems and paves the way forward for innovative management for a fraction of the price.

Is the tool easy to use?

MDSalesbook is extremely easy to choose, thanks to the detailed training that will be provided to you. You can get started with the usage of your tool in a matter of days. We will also provide prompt support to ensure that all of your issues and queries are answered in a timely manner. For more information about the usage of the tool and its practical functions, you will be provided a comprehensive guide that delves deep into the functionalities and provides a clear layout for the steps to take forward.