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About MDSalesbook

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MDSalesbook was formed when our founder Dr. Tatineni started her practice without having experience in billing and practice management. She spent thousands of dollars without having a clear idea of how to review claims and fix the DX codes. It was a major loss in revenue along with inefficient SEO ratings because of a lack of reputation management. It was almost impossible to properly manage the clinic because conventional systems were completely ineffective at properly allowing her to run everything. The result was effectively delayed appointments and countless hours lost in trying to figure out the solution. This led to the creation of MDSalesbook. The general ideology behind the creation of the application is to prevent the costly practice of having multiple costly software and replace them all with an integrated tool that provides all the required features.


Our mission is to effectively empower medical professionals to streamline their business and get maximum productivity. We definitely believe that nothing is more important than the time of a medical professional. Every minute can make a major impact on the lives of the patients. That is why our core objective is to provide a comprehensive workflow management solution to professionals around the world with an integrated solution to everything within a medical clinic. Our goals are to be the perfect replacement to hectic conventional systems by providing a transformative level of service.

We want to maximize the clinic’s revenue in several different ways. Firstly we will ensure that clinics are making the money that they are entitled to. We will reduce no shows by sending out appointment reminders and effective management claims to get timely payments. The general log of daily claims will be visible on the dashboard.

Our Vision

We envision MDSalesbook to become the go-to workflow management tool for clinics across the world to improve their productivity and general workflow management. We are actively working to integrate convenience and improve the general offerings to the application to make it the optimal tool for workflow management.

Our Values

Client satisfaction is definitely our number 1 metric. Our team ensures that customers always around the clock support to help with any issues they may have. We strongly believe in respect and trust being the core principles guiding our way forward. Our customer-first approach strongly guides our way forward.